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Review of Get It! compilation on Factory Fast Records @NYCFactoryFast

There is a parental advisory on this album.
This is a really solid release showcasing bands with a heavier sound. ┬áIt’s an upfront collection of heavy rock, metal and thrash songs with great energy and momentum. There’s great riffing and soloing with excellent tone, superb vocals with intensity and energy and solid drumming and bass playing too.
Pieces of Molly – Belladonna
Brilliant high tempo riffing and drumming to open leading into a distorted chord vamp which provides a great contrast. The sound really opens up in the chorus and there’s an excellent solo too. The vocals are great, really suit the style of the song which has great energy throughout.

Stab in the Dark – Man-O-War
Excellent distorted riff to open, drumming and bass give a great momentum and energy to the song which has great riffing throughout. The vocals are excellent too, telling a great story.

Long Lasting Train – Out of Jail (extended)
Brooding kind of opening leading into a really high tempo high energy song. The vocals are really gnarly having a great energy, angst and tension at times. Great changes in feel and an excellent solo too.

Fuck Shovel – Long Time Dead
Superb riffing and drumming to open, the vocals are great too. A thrash metal feel with a really tight knit sound and great changes in feel and control and release of tension.

Vices I Admire – Only Me
Brilliant atmospheric opening, slightly distorted tone to the guitar with really effective use of delay. Drumming enters to give a good momentum. There’s excellent riffing and a nice change in feel too. The vocals tell a great story with a nice change of feel into the chorus. A great release of tension to end the song too.

The Love Buzzards – Get It
Excellent riffing to open with a brilliant tone. Drumming and bass propel the song along with a great momentum. There’s also great riffing throughout the song and a great energy in the vocals too.

Gundacker – They Burned the Innocent
Great riff and lead guitar to open, propelled by solid drumming and bass. Vocals are superb telling a great story. There’s an excellent 80s metal vibe to the song and a great release to a more acoustic feel leading into a brilliant solo.
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