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Review of Great Distances album by Leaving Richmond

An atmospheric album that’s superbly crafted, it has great synth sounds, intricately crafted drum patterns often backed up by percussive rhythms and guitar riffs that compliment the sound really well. 

There’s a great balance between momentum and ambience often providing just an edge of tension at times. 

Glow Lines

Atmospheric delayed synth to open propelled by a kind of breakbeat / IDM drumbeat. Excellent background sounds and really good change of feel when the guitar enters. 

What About Now ft A. Sandborne

Delayed vocals and pad to open propelled by a solid kick drum lead into a guitar riff. Great layering of percussive elements that contrast really well with more ambient elements. 

Waves of You

Bass and driving kick to open, the synth line adds a contrast. The delayed trem chords are an excellent element.  The song has a great mementum and an uptempo, urgency building to a final release. 

The Curvature of the Earth

Atmospheric opening from bass drone, delayed percussion and pad given momentum by a kick drum, building drum / percussive rhythm and slow lead line. Great contrast between the uptempo and more ambient elements. 

A Human Element

Delayed percussive rhythm and background sounds create an atmospheric opening given a momentum by more defined drums / percussion and synth lead.  Nice changes in feel. 

Several Soma

Pulsing drone with delayed percussion create a kind of mystery that changes to a more upbeat feel with the momentum of the drum pattern / percussive elements and synth leads. 


Strings to open, a pulsing effect with great background sounds. There’s a great balance between an urgency and more ambient vibe. Vocals add an edge of tension.