Review of ‘Growing From the Concrete’ album by L.D.C.N.

Growing From the Concrete is the third full length release from L.D.C.N. (I’ve previously reviewed two earlier releases Summer Rain and Until the End) and it is another excellent album demonstrating growth and excellent development of sound. I really like how ambient sounds and a downtempo feel are blended with more urgent / uptempo elements. It has great chill qualities but an edge of tension at times. The sounds are excellently crafted and there’s great use of field recordings / film quotes too. It has a brilliant vibe and I really like how the songs create their own atmosphere yet still allow you to interpret them in your own way.

Opening with that early morning wake up call, the song evolves with a drone and laid back rhythm. I really like the bass which has a great presence. Great use of background sound effects and I really like the lead line which has a great string sound. The effects are excellent too, a dense full dub type sound.

A field recording like a drone to open, great bass and sax give the song a trip hop feel with just a hint of glitch at times.

The Drive
Great layering of synth and background sounds, rhythm gives a great momentum. I like the use of vocal snippets and sax.

City Lights
Great swirling background sounds and synth sound which has a twinkling type sound contrasts really well against the bass and drums. I really like the contrast between the ambient qualities and more urgent feel of the bass / drums.

Aptly titled, this song has a great vibe from drum pattern and electric piano riff.

I really like the use of the film quote at the start, there’s a great glitch hop kind of feel to the track with looping elements and contrast between free flowing ambient and more defined structure.

Really good use of field recording and reversed synth to open, there’s a great ambience and the percussion off the beat adds a great element.

The Garden (Ft Engine Farm)
This song opens with a bird recording and synth to open, the percussive rhythm builds to a more defined drum pattern. There’s a kind of jazz feel at times.

Great opening quote with emerging layered sounds and atmospheric riff. I like the transition with the use of a more defined rhythm which gives a future garage / chill kind of feel and the song ends with a quote too.

Another Night
A synth riff to open with emerging background sounds, the percussive elements are really well layered. There’s a great ambience with an edge of tension.

Life is Strange
A short track, great blending of field recording and synth sounds.

A laid back vibe to open with piano riff and field recording, the percussive rhythm is sparse and has a dubstep feel.

Looking back once more
Excellent evolving opening with bass and strings, the sparse rhythm has a skippy, 2 step feel. Great layering of sounds.

One Last Moment
Another great blend of field recording and synth which adds a background ambience.

The Long Way Home (ft. BFOS)
Opening with a piano riff and rain sample, the song has a reflective feel. The drum pattern gives a great momentum and I like the use of the tape stop effect. This gives way to a reverse synth with a quote. This part is excellently layered and has a looping quality. There’s then another quote and the third section opens with a field recording and a distant sounding drum pattern,ending with a sound like going underwater.

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