Review of Helioglobe album by Sky High Diamonds

Helioglobe was released in July 2016 and there have been 8 further releases from Sky High Diamonds since then and there are 18 in total on their Bandcamp.

There’s a beauty to this album, it’s haunting and edgy at times with great use of space where sounds can evolve and grow. The vocals are lovely, there are some excellent harmonies which often contrast against harsher mechanical sounds. The sparse layered rhythms from mechanical sounds and glitch type sounds really add to the feel.

Light Matters
Great layering of spoken and sung vocals with background sounds and an emerging guitar chord vamp. Panning, reverb and delay give an excellent sense of space.

Helioglobe (Breath and Words)
A pulsing, shimmery opening from a drone and chime type of sound with lovely delayed vocals. An excellent soundscape, each sound has room to grow and evolve.

Your Parasites (Crawl Back)
A mechanical, edgy rhythm accompanied by spoken vocals with great harmonies. There’s a great contrast between the harsher sounding rhythm and softer vocals.

Unseen Death Scene
Drone to open with layered background sounds and an emerging synth lead. I really like the reversed sounds which add a great feel.

Hunt Poet
An edgy feel to the opening rhythm which has a mechanical feel, the vocals are really well processed with lovely harmonies though the song has a menacing feel.

A great opening to the song with glitched deep bass and chime type synth sounds. Excellent layering again.

She (Singing and Feeling)
A sparse opening rhythm from a bass, glitchy and percussive sounds is accompanied with excellently processed vocals which have an ethereal, reversed feel at times.

Spoken vocals to open with sparse edgy rhythm, bass enters to give momentum. The song has a great dark edge with excellent layering of background sounds and nice interplay between spoken parts and instrumental parts.

Sea Shanty Prayer
Great tension to the opening from layered background sounds, edgy percussive sounds and layered vocals. It’s a haunting song.

Sparkling Limbs
Sound effects and an impact type sound to open, an emerging drone adds a subtle movement. It’s quite a harsh sound at times and the spoken vocals add a softer, contrasting element.

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