Review of ‘Hope’ Single by Analogue Wave

There are some bands who’s next release is eagerly anticipated and one at the top of that list is Analogue Wave.

It’s hard to believe it’s nearly 3 years since Casimir was released. An outstanding album with a great edge and lyrics that you can really relate too. You can read my review here.

Alterations was the follow up, a remix album which has great depth and an excellent sound. You can read my review here.

Hope is an brilliant follow up release, it has a superb glitchy, industrial sound and those excellent vocals that we have come to expect. The two remixes are also excellent interpretations with great individual sounds.

An edgy opening from distorted bitcrushed bassline, the percussive rhythm is excellent, kind of has an industrial feel. There are great sound effects too. The vocals are what we have come to expect from Analogue Wave, they have an angst and suit the style of the song really well. Some excellent glitchy effects and a great synth lead too.

Hope (Tuath remix)
An old school rave kind of feel to the opening leading into distorted percussion. The kick drum takes on a dubstep feel with background effects and synth riffs. The tempo increases to a heavy distorted dubstep sound.

Mezcal (Ummagma remix)
Great vibe to the opening with processed female vocals and uptempo drumming / percussive rhythm. The vocals are excellent, the song has a great bass presence and a distorted edge.

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