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Review of 'Ideeit' by Harold Nono on Bearsuit Records

This is an extremely good album. The sounds have been excellently crafted and chosen and are layered to excellent effect.
It defies categorisation yet doesn’t sound too experimental and has a great coherence with subtleties and superb atmospheres. There’s a great flow to the songs, each of which really holds your interest and allow you to interpret them freely. I really like how the production gives each sound it’s own space and the songs have a cinematic quality and a contemplative feel at times and an edgy feel at others.
I really like how this song is hard to describe, it opens with a hint of a trip hop vibe and there’s a cinematic feel at times through the strings and a 60s secret agent type of ending. The song has a great arrangement and excellent layering of sounds with a really subtle recording in the background which adds a great element.
Very atmospheric opening with strings and drone, there are some excellent sound effects and a great guitar riff. The percussion is sparse and works really well. Again there’s some excellent layered sounds and looping elements too. A great change in feel with the more defined percussive rhythm and distorted guitar.
Another great opening with vinyl noise, subtle background sounds and a piano riff gives a great contrast. I really like the layering of sounds, a great atmosphere to this song.
The King Tree
A big warm pad sound to open with an excellent chime sound, there’s banjo too I think. Another excellent production with great layering and a nice change of feel with the use of distorted sounds and return to the pad sound to end.
Life Under The Layfayette
Great strings and percussion to open, a very cinematic feel. There’s some really subtle layering which works to great effect.
Running Down a Pipe
Another atmospheric opening, the song has a great selection of sounds and really nice subtle use of delay.
Atam No Nai Uma Gash Hashiro
A plucked string sound to open, sparse playing creates a great tension. The song evolves really well with the introduction of bass and percussion to give a more defined momentum.
I’m Disguised As An Idiot
Quite an edgy opening, a really sparse percussive rhythm and vinyl sounds with a vocal sounding backing. It’s glitchy at times and retains an edgy feel.
Unbeaten Brothers and Sisters
An ominous sounding bass with emerging percussion to open. The piano, vocals and more defined drum pattern add really interesting elements.
Dead Man’s Fall
A great glitchy opening, there’s a glitchy blues sounding riff with an increasingly urgent impact type of sound. I really like the changes in feel, there’s a kind of call and response feel followed by a cinematic sounding part followed by a darker drone / synth section.
The Saline Revival Show
An evolving opening, a drone and background sounds followed by a great string riff with layered background sounds, the song evolves really well with the strings. It has a sparse and haunting quality.
Watashi Wa La Ni Kaeritai
A sparse riff with excellently layered background sounds, this song has a great contemplative feel. There’s a period of silence followed by a great ambience of piano and strings to end the song.
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