Review of 'In The Wake of an Avalanche' and 'Dust or Rust' albums by Tunnel at the End of the Light

In the Wake of an Avalanche
Dust or Rust
Tunnel at the End of the Light is an ‘ambient-ish endeavour’ by Alan Clark, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. In the Wake of an Avalanche was released in March 2015 and Dust or Rust was released in May 2015 and are embedded below.
These are two excellent and really accomplished ambient albums, each song is a great soundscape with really well crafted sounds, great layering and production. I really like the use of ‘found’ or field recorded sounds in some of the songs, that adds a really nice contrasting element.

In the Wake of an Avalanche A slow evolving opening, a great ambience from the really well layered drone and subtle emerging synth and string sounds. Percussion is also subtle and sits in the background developing a more defined rhythm about half way through the song which works really well. It’s a really captivating song and certainly doesn’t seem 9 minutes long which is testament to it’s meditative qualities.
The Sea Inside of Me Another great evolving opening, great layering of sounds, some of which sound reversed which adds a nice tension. The sea sounds are subtly placed in the mix, string sounds give the song great contemplative qualities and the piano is sparse and really adds to the song.
As the Clouds Fall Apart An evolving sweeping synth sound to open against a background drone, there’s a rain type of sound subtly in the background with a string sound lead. Another great soundscape, again a captivating sound.
Ever So Slightly A crashing sound, like a heavily reverbed kick drum opens the song, followed by an emerging drone and background sounds. There’s a subtle piano lead and emerging string sound. The song has excellent changes in feel too.
Snow is Sparkling, It’s Like Glitter A drone to open with and an emerging synth sound creates a great ambience, the arp adds a nice contrast and there’s a momentum from the subtle lead and percussion. The layering and production adds a subtle edge of tension at times and the spoken words at the end the song round the album out really well.

Dust or Rust Great emerging sounds to open, there’s a nice edge of tension from the layering against the drone. The piano type sound sits subtly in the background adding a great contrasting element.
Breathing The opening drone and background sounds create a great tension, nicely contrasted by the emerging string sound. Another great soundscape, evolving sounds give great movement through the song.
A Solitary Place A slowly evolving opening which has a nice edge of tension from the contrast between the bass, synth and background sounds. The tension continues through the song, there’s great movement in the sounds and an edgy feel at times. Again there’s a subtle piano sound in the background that really adds to the song and provides a nice contrast.
The Light Makes Her Shadow Dance I really like the great piano playing in this song which is contrasted really well with some great contrasting background sounds and vinyl type effect.
I’ll be the Clouds, You be the Rain Sparse string chords to open creates a nice edge of tension. Background wind and rain sounds emerge subtly adding a really nice contrast. Great arrangement and layering gives the song an edge of sadness almost.
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