Review of 'Incredible Adventures' by Evening Fires on Deep Water Acres

This is a sister album to ‘Where I’ve Been is Places and What I’ve Seen is Things’ which I’ve previously reviewed here. It contains tracks which didn’t quite make it onto that album and is available from Deep Water Acres or Sunrise Ocean Bender’s bandcamp page.
This is a great complimentary release, it is a superb album. There’s some excellent acoustic guitar, improvisation and feedback sounds with great layering of background sounds too. There’s a really nice edge of tension but that said, there’s also great meditative and hypnotic qualities at times and a great improvised / jam feel at times too. The songs are great soundscapes, slowly evolving with great movement in the sound too.
Big Farmer Big Jesus
An acoustic riff to open, subtle drumming gives a great momentum and great layering of sounds builds a great soundscape. There’s a hint of tension from dissonance at times, the song is a slow groove with great movement in the sound and feel, building to a fade out release.
There is no Going Without Returning
A great soundscape, the song opens with layered sounds and bass adds a really nice element. The song slowly evolves, there’s a good tension to the song that really holds your attention. There’s great movement in the sounds with background sounds evolving and changing. An organ sound builds gradually and there’s great interaction of its prominence against background sounds and there’s a really nice guitar lead part to end.
Unaussprechlichen Kulten
This song has a cinematic feel to the opening, sounds like it’s improvised guitar and there’s some great background sounds too. Again there’s an edge of tension which really holds your attention. There’s a nice contrast between the slower background sounds and more intense guitar playing. Another great soundscape, the intense guitar becomes more sparse turning into a more jangly type sound. The song has hypnotic qualities and meditative qualities too as the tension builds really well through the song with a final release.
Staring Down The Gullet of the Great Beyond Part III
There’s an acoustic riff to open with background sound effects, drumming and bass provide a solid foundation. This song has great jam / improvisation qualities with great layering of sounds. The song evolves slowly again with great meditative qualities and just a hint of tension, increasing to a final crescendo and release.
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