Review of 'IndieStonerProgPunk' compilation on Factory Fast Records

Indie Stoner Prog Punk compilation

I really like the variety of styles on this album, there’s some excellent stoner rock, punk inspired mayhem, melodic and intense rock. And this means that just when you think you know what direction the album is going to take, it hits you with a surprise, grabs you by the scruff of the neck, slaps you round the face for good measure and sweeps you along. There’s great playing and really good use of effects and a great range of vocals too.
The Deltorers – Plastic Gold Strummed chords to open with great vocals and harmonies, drumming enters to give a good momentum. There’s a really nice change of feel with a distorted guitar riff for the chorus and other parts of the song too.
Everything Shook – Misericord This song has a strummed harpsichord sound with sparse glitched percussion. The vocals are great, slightly processed and sitting in the background they have a brooding simmering quality. This creates a really nice edge to the song, great layering and changes in feel too.
Bad Mary – Don’t Know Where the Line Is There’s an uptempo riff to open, solid drumming gives a great momentum. I really like the vocal ‘nah nah’, really sets the scene for the song which has a great punk feel. The vocals are more spoken and there’s a great interaction between the male and female vocals. A great energy to the song.
P A Angelo – Take A Step Great drumming to open accompanied by an awesome distorted / fuzz guitar tone. Vocals are spoken and have a laid back quality which creates a good contrast. There’s a great punk attitude to this song.
Stab in the Dark – Shades of Grey A bass riff to open followed by a great guitar riff, the song has surf guitar qualities almost. The drumming is solid and gives a great momentum. The vocals are great and suit the style of the song really well. A great uptempo song, there’s a nice solo too.
Replica Jesus – Muscle Meat A distorted riff and solid drumming to open, this is a very energetic song. The vocals are great, having an almost growly, angry quality at times. There’s a really nice change in feel to an almost half-time feel, a kind of refrain, the vocals retain intensity and the song returns to its energetic style to end with a slow riff and drumming.
UV Traveler – Day After Day A great riff to open, it’s processed and sits slightly in the background. There are great vocal harmonies and the song has a solid rock sound. There are nice changes in feel and a really good momentum. There’s a really nice solo too.
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