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Review of Institutions EP by Ballamona on Ramber Records

This is a proper banger of an EP. It’s an infectious listen with dirty basslines, driving grooves and great vocals. It’s not quite glitchy or lo-fi but rather somewhere between EBM and dark wave with a saturated feel and a brilliant edgy vibe. 

It has a solid vibe with singalong anthems, danceable grooves and a driving momentum. If you’re not at least tapping your feet, dancing or singing along I’d be highly surprised.


Brooding opening from dirty bass, kick and spoken vocals. A simmering build and release of tension with industrial driving drum groove with synth and guitar. 

Open Air Prison

Dirty bassline to open, spoken vocals builds tension to a solid groove with great singalong qualities. It’s an anthemic song, you can’t help but sing along.

Four Walls

Dirty bassline, sparse percussion and vocals, this song has a slightly more laid back feel but a solid vibe and great momentum. 


Another dirty bass line to open the song which is propelled by drums and edgy synth, it’s a driving groove with quite subtle build and release. 

Institutions is also available on cassette direct from Ramber Records (RAM_023). It’s a C36 raspberry shell cassette with J-card and download of all four tracks. This was released on March 31st 2023 as a run of 60. At the time of writing there are 16 left in stock.