Review of 'It Was to be Alright' Album by Thlaaflaa on mobiusspin (mbsspn20)


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This album took more than 1.5 years to compose and its arrangement and stylistics are determined by a wish to create a particular impression – from a leisurely and disturbed plunge in the beginning, via vigorous but pretty grim middle, to a hopeless ending. The album was conceived as a dedication to events that happened a long time ago in one disappeared country. But a listener can choose himself what the music relates to – the past or the future, something terrestrial or space. This aspect is left to the listener’s discretion.
This is quite a hard album to describe, for instance there are some great glitchy elements, sparse rhythms and great layering of sounds. This results in an album that at times is glitch, at times experimental, at other times drone. There are some great synth sounds – dripping and bubbling for instance and excellent glitch effects too, some subtle and some much more extreme.
Plunge This song opens with a jumpy almost bleepy synth riff against reversed sounds which creates a great tension. The bass is deep and has bubbling qualities. There’s a great tension to the song, really good layering of sounds, a great evolving soundscape.
Opacity This song has a great sparse glitchy rhythm to open and great sound effects and layering too. The synth sounds adds tension, the song is really well produced.
Sorceress’ Cheer 2.0 There’s a great percussive rhythm to open and some excellent sounds too, some like reversed mangled bell sounds. Really nice use of glitch sounds and effects again too. Layering is used to great effect.
Grim, Sick Tangled This song is aptly titled, a fairly hectic rhythm gives way to a glitched synth sound then returns sporadically through the song.
We Float This song has great kicks and mangled / glitched chime sounds to open with. There are some really nice synth sounds which contrast really well with glitchy elements. This fades to leave bells / chimes building other sounds again to create tension and the song ends with a great glitchy feel.
503rd This song has a more defined rhythm to open with. There are some excellent glitchy sounds too. A synth riff develops with different rhythms evolving through the song.
It Was to be Alright Glitchy / bitcrushed sounds to open the song against a synth drone. The song has a cinematic soundscape quality with a synth lead dominating the sound then fading to the background somewhat. There’s a range of textures and percussive rhythms that follow. This song is a really good soundscape.
Remote Railway This song has a kind of jumpy percussive rhythm, emerging synth and some great glitchy sound effects. There’s a really nice synth lead sound which creates a great tension. There are some great sounds used in this song, one is like a dripping ‘acid synth’ sound, for instance.
Useless Ritual This song opens with a slowly evolving drone and sparse glitchy percussion developing a more pronounced rhythm. The song has really nice use of background effects / synth. As the song develops the drone takes more prominence which gives the song a great edgy sound.