Review of Late 17: Lueur Aubade EP by Fragile X on Light at the End

What I really like about this EP is that it’s an immersive listening experience. It’s reflective but in an engaging and postive way, it holds your attention rather than washing over you. 

There’s excellent use of sea / wave sounds which are sometimes processed in unusual ways and a superb ambience from layered synths, pads and arps contrasted with just an edge of tension at times.  Some great rhythmic elements too. 

Lueur Abade

A very atmospheric track, slowly building with layered ambient pads and twinkling chords. There’s a release to noise, like the sound of a breaking wave building again with layered synth arps adding just a hint of tension fading to a release. 

Green, Pink and Blue

The track opens with a sound like a wave breaking but it’s been cleverly processed to sound like a darkish synth followed by delayed synth stabs and layered pads, the track has subtle movement and evolves with a great atmosphere. 

Mvto More

Rhythmic noise to open, there’s just an edge of tension as the song evolves with layered pads, sound fx and arps. Great balance between an ethereal floaty vibe and a edge of tension from noise elements. 

Saltwater Symphony 

This is superbly atmospheric, sea sounds create an unusual and dynamic rhythm accompanied by subtle orchestration. Nice change of feel with the sparkly synth arp and a sudden stop to the release of a wave. 

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