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Review of Lavine album by Moist on I/O Records

This is a brilliantly atmospheric album, it’s a superb sound that’s really difficult to describe, it has a chilled vibe at times, others it’s infused with a synthwave feel, others it’s an indie pop feel. There’s a brilliant balance between atmospheric and an edge of tension, it has a haunted beauty kind of feel. 


Atmospheric piano and vocals to open, it’s a reflective track with bass adding a excellent element with the slow pitch slide to end. 


Synth bass to open given momentum with drumming and synth lead. Vocals have a dreamy quality, the song has a brooding quality that opens up in the chorus.


Bass and piano give a very atmospheric opening, beautiful vocals again. The song slowly builds, the percussive rhythm gives momentum layered with an arp. Great changes in feel and just an edge of tension. 


Bass, synth, drumming, vocals and piano create a chilled opening with an edge of tension from distorted bass and layered background effects. Nice change of feel into the chorus. 


Another atmospheric opening with pad, layered background sounds and synth riff. The vocals have a haunting beauty. I really like how the momentum builds slowly, it’s subtle and very effective. 


Another atmospheric opening with synth and reversed synth, floaty vocals and the piano adds a great element. Drumming and bass give a great momentum. The layering is excellent, superb balance between softer and harder elements. 


Bass, synth and pad to open, there’s a great contrast between the momentum of the bass and drums against the laid back vocals. 

World’s Collide (mix)

Vocals grab and hold your attention, supported by bass and subtle background effects. Nice change of momentum with an arp and drums and great contrast against the pad. The song has trance qualities. 


Piano bass and vocals to open, a slow contemplative feel with a subtle change in momentum. It’s a beautiful song, haunted but also with an optimism. 

No One Knows

Vocals, bass and piano to open, it’s a slow groove with a slow build and release of  momentum with just an edge of tension.