Review of Level One compilation by Various Artists on Arcade Audio

I’m delighted to be a part of this compilation, it highlights the talents of a number of members of the Arcade Collective.  If you like any of the artists I’d highly recommend checking out their other material and also the Arcade Collective itself for more information and how to join in. 

It’s a superb compilation that covers a range of styles from synth pop, ambient soundscapes, trance vibes to glitch idm sounds. 

Androgyne – Ain’t Nobody

A superb slice of synth pop, it’s a very catchy song with singalong qualities. I love the range of synth sounds, everything from string chords, sparkling leads, twinkly sound effects to arpeggio basslines backed by excellent vocals. 

Digital Horizons – Wild Life

This is an excellent soundscape, an evolving ambience with plucked chords, pads and synth leads, it’s multi-textured with a slow growing tension with a final release. 

A J Hellenbach – Forbidden Pleasure

Plucked synth and evolving basslines propelled by drumming, its an uptempo synth sound with a trance vibe. Excellent layering of sounds to build and release tension, the vocals add a great element. 

Digital Horizons – Silver Slipper

Atmospheric swirling sound to open is complimented by a delayed synth lead line, complex rhythms from delayed elements weave around a synth pad. Drumming gives a more defined momentum. 

One Vista – We Just Got it Wrong

Slow synth groove from synth, bass and drums with dreamy vocals. A solid upbeat pop vibe, piano adds a superb element. 

Andrulian – Reflecting on the Passing Days

This is mine so I’ll let you leave your own comments! 

Dallok – Perpetual State

Sound effects and sparse riff to open builds tension to a bassline groove propelled by drumming and percussive sounds. Distorted riff adds a great element. Riffs and bassline compliment each other really well, building tension to a final release. 

Blume – Odyssey Two Movements 3 & 4

Contrasting ambience with plucked string riff and excellent subtle reversed background sounds, the song has an excellent building momentum with contrasting slower parts, an excellent soundscape. 

Bispatial – Lifeline (Poptronik Mix)

A solid synth pop groove from synth, bass and drums, the vocals are smooth and have a laid back vibe. There’s just an edge of angst that contrasts really well with the more upbeat elements. 

Muesk – On Second Thought

Superbly atmospheric opening, contrasts really well with the glitchy / idm vibe from lead and percussive sounds. It’s superbly arranged, great contrast between ambient and the harsher / glitchier sounds. 

Jupiter Jaxon – Voices

Sparse drumming pattern with pad leads to into a solid 80s R&B / pop / soul vibe, funky bassline, superb synths, keys and excellent vocals. 

Bleepeater – White 2

Superb glitchy rhythms, its a bit bonkers and sounds all the better for it. Extremely well produced, its bleepy, glitchy and harsh at times. If a dial up modem took speed and acid, this is probably what it would sound like.