Review of London Metal / Body double A single by Blasts Atomic! on Verses Records

Blasts Atomic! are Dave Harris and Doug Kallmeyer whose collaboration in studio
and live performance has spanned 2 decades. London Metal / Body is available from the Bandcamp embed above or Versus Records.
This is an excellent 2 track single with a great sound. London Metal has a brilliant brooding quality and is kind of a fusion a between a psych rock type of sound and electronic. Body is an out and out heavy affair with an industrial kind of feel and great momentum.
London Metal
There’s a great brooding quality to this song, opening with a dirty bass sound and snare, the drumming pattern gives a solid momentum and the guitar riff is great, especially with the howling distortion and feedback. The 8 bit synth type sound adds a great element and there’s a solo too.
An edgy sounding riff to open with a great percussive rhythm and sound effects. The song has a kind of industrial feel and a great momentum. The guitar adds a great element again.
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Blasts Atomic : Dave Harris on twitter | Doug Kallmeyer on twitter