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From Manchester, Los Trasgos Muertos are Captain Reed (Bass/Vox/Organ), Von Beek (Guitar/Vox) and Il Fleishe(Drums). Their eponymous EP will be released on 02 February 2015.
This is an excellent EP, Los Trasgos Muertos have a really tight knit sound with great distorted and acoustic guitar riffs, excellent vocals which are backed by solid drumming and bass. The band have a great sound, there’s definitely a nod to some classic bands of the seventies but only a slight one – that’s because Los Trasgos Muertos excellently create their own sound and a great vibe.
Fire in the Sky This song has a great opening riff leading to a distorted chord vamp propelled along by solid drumming. The vocals compliment the song really well. The song has a great sound with diverse influences such as Black Sabbath and Glam rock and an excellent vibe. Not forgetting there’s a great solo too.
Step One In contrast to Fire in the Sky, this song has a more laid back feel, opening with an acoustic riff and bassline. The drums enter to provide momentum and the tempo raises for the chorus which is really catchy and has a great chord vamp. The vocals are excellent with nice harmonies.
It Rises! There is a great distorted riff to open the song which creates a great groove. The vocals are again excellent and the song has more of an acoustic feel for the verses returning to the distorted riff which acts as a chorus. Really nice changes of feel from the acoustic to distorted riff.
Roll with the Punches Great feedback and delay to open the song leading to a distorted riff propelled by great drumming, excellent guitar playing and a driving bassline. There’s a really nice edge to this song which has a great vibe and energy, really good changes in feel / tempo and the vocals again are excellent.

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