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Review of ‘Meowgeddaboudit!’ album by The Trigger Happy Kittens

MEOWGEDDABOUDIT! is the 2nd Album of Electronica by The Trigger-Happy Kittens. @TrggrHppyKttns is a Music Project Produced & Engineered by Michael O’Morah, an AIDS Survivor and Pollock-Krasner Award-Winning Artist & Original Electronic Music Producer (NOT a DJ) & Keyboardist.

This is a review that’s taken far too long to publish and consequently there have been a couple of releases since this one which you can find linked through the embedded album above.

This album has the feel of a jam at times, there’s some excellent synth sounds, bass lines and percussive rhythms. At times the grooves are a bit wonky and that goes for the overall sound at times too, but that’s a good thing, it gives the album a great character with an occasional chaotic feel which often resolves with syncopation of percussive rhythms and riffs.

The album has a great vibe, it tends to carry you along. So much so that even some of the synths start will start to sound like cats…

The Birds and the Bees
An acid infused song, a great layered groove from drums, percussion and bass / synth riffs.

Cats in the Keys
Great opening from synth riffs and syncopated kick drum leading into a wonky groove with a steel drum type of sound that weaves around the steady kick pattern.

In the Footsteps of Time
Uptempo opening from percussive rhythm and synth riff, the groove evolves over time with a filter type of effect.

Kittens Lament
An emerging synth sound to open, the song is built on layered synth riffs with great use of delay.

Outta the Dawn House
A delayed riff to open, the song is built around this riff with layered background sounds and synth riffs.

Paw Prints Prince
A percussive rhythm with pulsing, swirling noise there’s an evolving riff which has a great interplay with the bassline.

Pussyfooting into OZ
Percussive opening with a bassline groove, the emerging synth lead takes prominence into an evolving groove.

Taking a Pause to Rake our Claws
An arp to open with synth lead creates a groove, subtle percussive rhythm gives a great momentum. An evolving groove to the song.

A Right Vile While
A distorted riff to open with great bass and pulsing background sound. The song has an evolving groove with an excellent acid type synth riff towards the end.

The Habanero Kitty
A kind of looping riff and percussive sound, propelled by a percussive rhythm. The song evolves a groove with a looping type of feel.

Trigger-Happy Sunshine
Percussive rhythm and squelchy type sounds to open, it’s an evolving groove with great panning of sounds.

A Swish of the Tail
Layered percussive rhythms and acid sounding riff propel the song into a groove and there’s definitely a cat meowing type sound to the riff.

It’s Those Damned Trash Pandas Again
An upbeat groove from squelchy bassline and drumming rhythm, the vocals add a great element. A great acid vibe at times.

The Canyons of the Kings
An atmospheric opening, a superb synth sound that evolves and swirls against a background drone.

A Cat’s Dog Year
The opening riff has a hint of sax about it, the drumming rhythm gives a solid momentum. Great changes in feel with the different sounds,

Kittens of the Caribbean
A great groove to the song from bassline, percussive rhythms and percussive synth sound. There’s a kind of Latin feel to the song,

It’s the Trigger Happy Kittens and Small Town Drug Dawg
Great synth riff to open with percussive rhythm, the song develops an uptempo groove with subtly layered spoken vocals. Great movement in the synth sound.

An arp to open and arp type synth riff, there’s a great edge to the song at times.

Purr Contentment
A delayed synth to open, there’s an edge of tension and an ambience at times, whilst the synth has an edgy sound at times too.

A Day With No Religion
A synthpop feel to the opening with riff, chimes and percussive rhythm. There’s a kind of chaotic feel at times.