Review of Meter Bridge – S /T Album


Meter Bridge on twitter – Jill and Richard; Meter Bridge on bandcamp
Meter Bridge have created a great sound for this album which has really good synth pop elements but with a modern edge and blending of different styles. The vocals are layered to great effect, sometimes having ambient almost dreamy qualities contrasted by a darker edge provided by the lyrics.
Secret This song has a great bassline and synth sound to open the song. The vocals are layered really subtly but to great effect. The song has a great vibe with an edge, really nice contrast between the bright quality of the sounds and darker nature of the lyrics.
Glimpse Opens with a great synth sound and layered acid type sounding lead line too. Great layering of different synth sounds, bass and drums provide solid backing and maintain momentum. Great layering of vocals again too.
Kite This song has great percussion and acid sounds to open with, the vocals are more spoken. The song has a sparse breakbeat feel, again great layering and really nice use of delay effects.
Guidance Has a great chilled vibe with really nice bluesy / funk guitar sounds. Great layering of sounds and again the vocal style gives the song a nice edge.
Marvelous Proposition Has a great delayed synth opening sound leading to a nice rhythm and edgy vocals. Great layering of sounds, Electric piano gives a great contrast.
Missing You There’s a great sound to this song, it has a really nice opening with electric piano and almost dubstep drum pattern leading to a great synth pop sound. Great use of sound effects and building of tension, again a nice edge to the song.
Tiny Lites Another great opening to this song, great percussive sounds and layered vocals. The song has great glitchy qualities and a really nice subtle acid bassline.