Review of Morpion – B_ss Tr_p EP on Mobius Spin (mbsspn13)

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This is an excellent EP, it is really well crafted with a lot of attention to individual sounds and layering of these to create complex rhythms. Some of these give an industrial type of sound, there are also glitch elements and a hint of 2 step in some of the rhythms too. The bass and lead sounds are equally well crafted and used to similar great effect.
Bass Drop This song has a brilliant drone to open with, a really nice ambient soundscape. The percussion then changes the feel of the song, an excellently layered rhythm with great use of glitch sounds and just a hint of 2 step. The bass is deep and creates a great vibe. The song ends with a really good glitchy feel.
Bass Trip Opens with a great sound and again excellently layered percussive sounds. There’s an excellent glitchy feel to the song, it has really well layered sound effects against the melody. There’s an old school house feel to the lead chords too.
Boss Trap There’s a dirty dubstep type of bass to open the song accompanied by swirling background sounds. Great layered percussion again. It’s quite edgy with a really nice change in feel using a drone before returning to the edgy sound with another great rhythm.

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