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Review of 'Music for Icy Summits' by permafrost on mobiusspin (mbsspn027)

This is presented as one 59m49s long piece. It’s testament to the two musicians, 3dtorus and Javier Bilbao who recorded under the name permafrost, that they’ve been able to produce the album in this way which suits the piece really well.
It has a slow evolving opening with great layering of sounds, there’s an emerging drone, sparse delayed percussion, a looping sound almost. Other percussive impact type sounds give a harsher edge and a good contrast.
There’s a great flow, the drone kind of swells and rises in waves dominating the sound before returning to the background.
It’s really well produced, there’s an excellent range of sounds that are really well crafted and processed. It’s got an ambient heart but really good contrasting harsher, darker and noise elements that ebb and flow.
The emergence of a delayed synth riff is a great element, it too rises and falls sounding quite organic in its evolution being filtered and with feedback at times whilst the background drone / noise increases and resolves tension really well.
As the tension rises again a subtle melody emerges against delayed looping percussive sounds and other really well layered sounds providing a great overall release to the album.