Review of 'My Spirit Animal is a Goth Teenager Remixes' album on Romeda Records

This is an excellent collection of remixes which compliments the original release (reviewed here) really well. There are ambient soundscapes, drones, darker ambient and uptempo tracks. It’s available as a digital download and limited edition cassette – only four left at the time of writing – from Romeda Records.
Mike E Scum Must Die (Geeburd remix)
A great tech / old school acid feel to this song which has an evolving opening and excellent synth and vocal parts against a solid beat and subtle background drone sound. There’s an ambience in the background sounds at times too which adds a great contrast.
How can someone who wears so much orange be so dead inside (Morpion remix)
A sparse dub feel to the opening of this remix which evolves a drum n bass type vibe. Great layering of sounds.
He’ll get his skeleton (Frissk distant acydd remix)
A great bass sound with glitch / noise to open is given excellent momentum by the kick rhythm. The synth lead is a great sound contrasting against drone and background sounds to give an uptempo track with a dark edge.
Halloween debris (Heskin Radiophonic remix)
Interesting quote to open, the track has a laid back feel, I love the syncopation between the pulsing synth and kick rhythm. There’s also an excellent ‘squelchy’ type of sound and some great dub type delays too.
He’s magic and you’re not (Concrete Belly remix)
A great evolving opening with a laid back groove and excellent lead line. Really nice changes of feel through the song. The percussive background sounds are excellent.
Hugging a Ghost (DNP Spectre remix)
Great ambience to the opening, a haunting quality to the vocals with a contrasting subtle background drone type of sound and percussive sounds. There are some reversed sounds too which add a great element.
U.T.M.N.I.D.B (Nystada noname remix)
Great synth sounds to open with an emerging drone, nice change of feel with really well layered background and drone elements. There’s a great edge of tension to the track.
He’s magic and you’re not (Belly Full of Stars fading magic remix)
Brilliantly atmospheric track, the minimal production really adds to the feel. I like how the percussion is sparse and layered with great use of delay and sits more in the background.
Hugging a ghost (DNP Chasm remix)
There’s an ominous feel to the opening of the song which has excellently layered sounds. There’s a great drone quality to the song, I like how the vocal type sounds contrast really well with the harsher drone sounds at times.
Spirit Elderflower (Andrulian remix)
This is my track, I’ll let you add your own comments.
Solihull = Zelda Hair
A very atmospheric opening to this track which has drone qualities contrasting against subtle background sounds which have the feel of a field recording.
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