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Review of 'Non Compos Mentis' EP by Eyemouth

Non Compos Mentis is the second EP by Swedish band Eyemouth comprising of David Lilja, Marcus Lilja, Tove Ekman and Joakim Åberg. I’ve also recently reviewed their third EP and latest release Noera Genesis.
There’s a great vibe to this EP, a really good range of songs and styles with excellent arrangements, playing and vocals. But it’s much deeper than that, there’s a touch of the cinematic and a great flow, almost like a journey through considering your own mortality or sanity. It’s like realising that you’re in a bad place, seeking assurance that it’s not your fault, descending deeper into chaos with a release of sorts but still with a lingering tension.
Blood on the Earth
This song opens with a great synth riff and dark, intense drumming. The vocals add a great edge of tension with excellent harmonies. There’s a brooding quality to the song, great layering and use of background sounds.
A simple but very effective repeating riff – sounds like a harpsichord or cimbalom – accompanied by swirling, subtle background sounds. The vocals are superb, simple but very effective arrangement. I really like the dissonance to end the song.
There’s almost tribal percussion to open the song, it’s intense with vocal sounds, breathing almost, swirling around leading into vocals and a recorded background sound. The song has a really edgy feel and great sound effects to end.
Will There Be A Light
This song is embedded above. It acts like a release, having a more upbeat feel to the opening. The vocals have a great edge to them, there’s a sparse feel to the verses with really good changes in feel. I really like the use of background recorded sounds and the way the tension at the end of the song leaves you to make your own conclusions on how things turn out in the end.
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