Review of Old Testament – Old Testament on Cardinal Fuzz (CFUL031) and Evil Hoodoo (EVH007)

Old Testament
Old Testament is the self-titled release of the band formed by Jason Simon of Dead Meadow. It is available on marbled vinyl and a handmade CD edition from Cardinal Fuzz online shop although stocks of both are running very low. It is also available in the same formats from Evil Hoodoo online shop
Old Testament were formed when Jason started accumulating songs he thought were outside the realm of the riff and heavy fuzz of Dead Meadow. And that was a great idea because Old Testament is a brilliant collection of songs which expertly blends Americana influences of blues and country to create great grooves and rhythms. There are mournful ballads, some great blues harp, foot stomping grooves and excellent vocals which have a laid back style which suits the variety of songs really well. A highly recommmended release but you’d better move quickly, they’re going fast!
Skin and Bones is a great opening track, its tight rhythm and bass create an uptempo groove that maintains momentum with a nice edge. The vocals compliment the song really well.
Trip Light Great distorted guitar to open the song which leads into a nice riff and laid back groove propelled by a tight rhythm and bass. There’s a call and response feel with the vocals at times. Great edge to this song.
Summer Grass has a great opening riff, the rhythm and bass provide a solid backing with a really good laid back feel to the vocals.
Key to the Kingdom Brilliant opening to this song, a great riff and organ accompaniment. The song has a laid back almost lilting groove with vocals that compliment the style really well. There’s also a great solo to end the song.
Movin On has a sparse lilting rhythm and a spoken vocal style. The song is a great mournful ballad somewhere between country and blues.
Dallas has a brilliant ‘Americana’ type of sound, really nice tremolo guitar sound and a great laid back groove. It’s a great bittersweet ballad.
Let Me In has an ‘alt-country feel’, a great laid back groove with excellent vocals which give the song a really nice tension.
Josephine has a great opening groove with blues harp which gives the song a real momentum. The vocals are slightly behind the beat. The song maintains a great groove throughout with nice tempo changes.
Now as in Ancient Times has a more uptempo feel, some really nice feedback elements and great riff to open the song. Has a middle eastern feel at times, the blues harp compliments it really well. The songs builds and releases tension really well too, with nice changes of rhythm and tempo throughout. Vocals enter about 3/4 of the way through and there is a great groove to end the song.
Time to Rest rounds out the album with blues harp and harmonium (I think) and almost disembodied sounding vocals. The song has a great rhythm and a kind of fairground feel.

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