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Review of ‘Out of Phase’ album by The Oscillation

This is a superb album. It’s a solid psych vibe with a range of tracks from slow groove-laden jams to more uptempo grooves, edgy and experimental to jangly. 

There’s an excellent range of really well layered sounds from drones, basses, synths often with created use of delay with self-oscillation / feedback. 

Vocals are superb too, often with a floaty, ethereal feel.


Sparse opening with drone and delayed guitar notes / string scrape effects. Drums enter, accompanied by layered effects with feedback increasing the tension to a final release to drone.

Liquid Memoryman

Brilliant vibe from the opening fuzzy bass given a solid momentum by drums. Delayed guitar chords are somewhere between a ska and surf feel.  Vocals add a great element, with the swirling delayed effects it has a trippy feel at times. 


Synth bass with glitchy percussion and delayed vocal fx create a solid groove. Vocals have a floaty feel, layered guitar and distorted effects create a superb contrasting edgy vibe which builds to a final release. 

Distant Transmission

A short track with delayed glitchy percussive / metallic sounds and background sounds effects.

Head Hang Low

Great hook to open, percussion and drum pattern adds to the vibe. Vocals have a floaty almost ASMR feel. It’s a superb laid back groove.


Uptempo edgy groove from bass, riff, drums and background sound effects. Reversed guitar adds a drone like quality. Delayed guitar chords and feedback-like background sounds add a contrasting edge of tension.

Respond in Silence

Opening alarm type sound gives a drone quality given momentum by bass and drumming. Vocals have a tremolo effect which adds a great element. It’s a solid groove with a hint of dissonance at times. 

This is Nowhere

Feedback and delayed effects create a hypnotic soundscape. 

Gamelan Mindscape

Delayed guitar creates an excellent rhythm with bass and drums, it’s a solid groove with layered background effects, syncopated chords and riff and an excellent build and release of tension. 

Hear Your Sadness

Drone and delayed jangly guitar type sound evolve into a slow groove laden jam. Vocals have a floaty feel, excellently complemented by synth and guitar riff. 

Saturn 5

A superb jam feel to this track, a solid groove from bass, trem type drone and guitar riffs. Spoken vocals add a great element. 

Comatone (Reprise)

Reverse guitar creates an unsettling opening leading into a dub type of vibe from delayed guitar, layered sound effects, bass, drumming and percussion. It’s an edgy vibe, superb build and release of tension. 

Visitation (Exit)

Atmospheric opening, a dark ambient feel from delayed wind type sound, layered background effects and guitar string scrape effects. A slow evolution given momentum by synth riff, bass and drumming. It’s a hypnotic groove with a kind of sci-fi / cyberpunk vibe.