Review of Payday Playboys single by The Mantells

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The Mantells are a 3 piece band from Manchester fronted by Tom Barrow on lead vocals and guitar; Dale Moran on bass and backing vocals and Lewis Moran on drums and backing vocals. Payday Playboys is their second single due for release on Monday 1st June. It will be available from Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer etc with a launch party on Saturday 6th June at Night and Day Cafe, Manchester. Further details of that event can be found here.
Payday Playboys has a great vibe to it. The opening riff is a great hook with a really nice tone and bass and drums enter to give a great momentum. The song has an excellent laid back feel which is really added to by the vocals and there are some really nice harmonies too. The chorus has a nice change of feel, a great strummed riff which gives the song an urgency which contrasts really well with the more laid back sections.
I’d also recommend checking out their first single ‘Men in Suits’ which I’ve embedded below. I really like the backstage / behind the scenes feel to the video which includes shots in the studio and warm-up session. This song also has a great vibe to it, the drums and bass provide a solid rhythm and there is great riffing and vocals too.