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Review of Psychic Lemon S/T album

This is a great album, Psychic Lemon have a sound between rock and psych and showcase this to great effect. The songs have a great jam quality about them with an excellent variety of riffs and solos with great use of effects. The drumming and bass are tight knit and I like the variety in use, sometimes subtle and sometimes more prominent. The arrangements are excellent too creating grooves, dreamy / floaty sounds and great build and release of tension.
A great opening with a synth drone and swirling synth sounds, the bass riff and drumming give a great momentum. The picked guitar riff compliments the sound really well. The vocals have a great laid back psych feel to them with some really nice harmonies.
Death Cult Blues
Has an ominous sounding opening with the detuned acoustic guitar and choral type sound leading into a much more uptempo drumming pattern and riff. The song has a great jam feel, some excellent riffing and solos too with a great energy throughout. Really nice use of feedback and delay at times too.
Good Cop Bad Cop
Great opening groove to this song, a strummed riff with shimmery chords and really good use of wah and subtle distortion. Drumming and bass give a really good momentum. I really like the variety of riffs and solos and build / release of tension.
Analogue Summer
I really like the opening with bird sounds, shimmery guitar and organ type sound which leads into a really floaty sound with a riff and slide guitar. The drumming and bass give a defined and subtle momentum to start with, becoming more defined. A great laid back vibe.
Distorted / wah wang effects leading into uptempo drumming, bass and riff, there are some excellent sound effects which build tension to a release with vocals. The song has some excellent effects and a trippy feel at times with really good changes in feel again building tension to a final release.
Another great opening, the guitar and vocals create a great tension, the drumming and bass give momentum and there’s a kind of brooding feel to the guitar riffs with an urgency in the vocals. A nice build / release of tension through the song with cleaner and more distorted solos and variety and presence of drumming / bass.
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