You are currently viewing Review of Ritual Music album by Simon Irvine on Pink Dolphin Music Ltd

Review of Ritual Music album by Simon Irvine on Pink Dolphin Music Ltd

This is an excellent album, atmospheric tracks with great layering of superb synth sounds, drumming patterns and pads. The songs often have contrasting elements that give an edge of tension and add to the vibe. There’s a great range of uptempo, more laid back and darker sounding songs. 

Incantation 1

An evolving soundscape with synth drone, background sound effects and a subtle kind of voice, the arp and drums give momentum. It has a trance feel at times, the vocoder gives a great syncopated rhythmic effect. 

Incantation 2

Atmospheric opening from pad and synth lead, drumming enters to give momentum. Great use of vocoder again. Really like the chilled vibe. 

Watching (Featuring Rusty Keys)

Superbly atmospheric opening from pad and keys, vocoder vocals add a great element.  I like how the subtle drumming pattern changes to a more upfront style. A song with reflective qualities. 

Make it so (An Ode to Picard)

A pulsing type synth sound, drum pattern and soft, delicate lead is accompanied by a more upfront synth lead. The arp adds a great element. 

Incantation 3

Opens with a speech from a film leading into an idm sounding drum pattern. Metallic sounds compliment really well, a riff adds momentum and is accompanied by excellent synth. Kick adds a sense of urgency, it’s an atmospheric and edgy track. 

You and You Only

Synth with vocal qualities saying the title of the song to open, drumming patterns adds momentum. Nice change of feel with the synth lead, there’s a mystery / anticipation to the song. 

Thump (interlude)

A solid vibe from percussive rhythm, pad and disconcerting synth lead that adds an edge of tension. 

Wasted (Featuring Colleen Peterson)

Atmospheric pad, kick and shaker are accompanied by lovely vocals with a haunting quality. 

Late Night (Interlude)

A chilled, atmospheric track with subtle movement in the pad and synth sounds that contrasts against the percussive rhythm. 

Incantation 4

A glitchy percussive rhythm with a tribal, looping quality contrasts against a subtle background pad. An excellent soundscape. 

Bells in the Manor (Simon Irvine and Bufinjer)

Synth lead and solid drumming pattern to open, it’s a solid synth vibe with an edge of tension from vocal effects. Nice changes of feel with the different synth leads. 

Incantation 2 (Screamershocked)

Quite a subtle remix, has a more uptempo vibe.  I really like the delayed vocals, adds a rhythmic element.

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