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Review of Set the Fires EP by Alpha Shallows

This is a great EP, Alpha Shallows have an excellent indie sound that has elements of grunge and stoner rock. Backed by solid drumming and bass, the vocals are excellent with great passion and intensity.
You can catch Alpha Shallows live at their next gig on Friday 19th August 2016 at The 360 Club in Leeds, UK at 8pm.
This song has a great indie sound, reminiscent of grunge with an acoustic guitar to open followed by distorted guitar propelled by solid drumming and bass. The vocals have a great edge of angst to them. There’s a nice change of feel into the chorus with a real brooding quality in the verses at times too. There’s a solo which leads into another section with a great edge of tension which is released to end the song.
Set The Fires
Drumming gives a great momentum to open the song followed by an excellent riff, kind of a surf guitar feel. Vocals are really good again with great passion and intensity. There’s a nice change to a more uptempo feel in the chorus before returning to the more laid back groove. Some really good riffing and a nice solo too.
Another acoustic riff to open, laid back drumming and bass create a great groove propelled by strummed guitar. Vocals are excellent again. A great stoner rock kind of feel to the song.
A more uptempo strummed riff to open leading into an acoustic riff. The verses have a stripped back feel which creates an excellent edgy vibe with a great change in feel into the chorus. A great build and release of tension.
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