Review of Single Rider album by Jenn Champion

This is a beautiful, engaging and absorbing album, a modern sound with an 80’s soulful vibe, piano tracks and a touch of country at times. There’s an edge of sadness but with hope, an optimistic outlook. 

I really like how the arrangements cleverly build tension or subtly change momentum. The vocals are superb, there’s a vulnerability and edge of sadness that you really connect with. 

O.M.G (I’m All Over It)

An 80’s soulful vibe, there’s a kind of staccato guitar lead line, drumming, bass and synth with both pad and effects. The vocals are beautiful, there’s an edge of sadness and vulnerability. 

Coming For You

Another song with an 80’s vibe, it’s a laid back groove with reflective qualities. The groove is provided by drumming and bass with lovely vocals again. A subtle change of momentum in the chorus. Synth riff adds an excellent element. 

You Knew

Synth effect and bassline to open, the ambience of the pad contrasts really well. The vocals are excellent again. There’s a soulful vibe with a building tension, the saxophone adds an excellent element. 

Holding On

An uptempo drumming pattern to open with subtle bass and I love the guitar riff. The vocals are superb again, a great vibe to the song with nice changes in feel and excellent layering / contrast of different elements.

The Move

A slow building tension to the opening given momentum by drumming. Superb edge of sadness to the vocals. Layering of guitar riff, percussion and synth chords build tension superbly. 

Never Giving In

Softly sung / spoken vocals accompanied by synth to open, the abrupt ending gives a great tension. There’s more defined momentum from bass and synth riff. The song builds and releases tension really well. 


Drumming pattern and filtered bass create a subtle groove given momentum by synth and bass. Excellent changes in feel and great contrast between uptempo and more ambient elements. 

Time to Regulate

A disco / funk vibe from drumming, percussion and synth. Vocals are superb again. A great vibe with changes in feel and an edge sadness tinged with optimism. 


Almost country feel to the opening with piano and strings, beautiful vocals again. It’s downtempo with a really optimistic feel.


An arrangement of piano and vocals creates a beautiful, reflective song with excellent changes in pace and building of tension. 

Going Nowhere

A dreamy ambience from piano and vocals, it’s another beautiful song building tension with superb layering of synth riffs and sparse percussion. 

No One (Piano Version)

Beautiful arrangement of piano and vocals, it’s a captivating song, a haunting beauty and really sad feel to the lyrics. 

Time to Regulate – Gold Brother remix

An excellent remix, a more stripped back feel compared to the original with chillstep elements.