Review of Sleepers album by Phirnis / Katarrhaktes on Fwonk netlabel (FW159)

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This is split release on the Fwonk netlabel (FW159) from two artists who compliment each other really well. The album is somewhere between ambient, drone, noise and experimental. It is excellently produced with great layering of sounds, some of which are really interesting field recordings. There is a great range of effects too.
Phirnis – Sleepers There is a really nice delayed wind chime sound with layered bass and synth sounds against a background drone to open the song. There are some great sound effects too, one’s a slightly disconcerting rattling which creates a great tension against the wind chime sound.
Katarrhaktes – Perchance to Dream This song is then quite a contrast, it has a driving rhythm from some great sounds, some of which are clicks, some impact type sounds. The vocals are choir-like and create a great tension, there are really good drone sounds too.
Katarrhaktes – Black Clouds This song has a great choice of sounds, the song opens with a buzzing followed by some great glitchy sounds that remind me of an old dial up modem. Great drone too, it’s kind of unsettling and the song has a great edge to it.
Phirnis – Stillstand 1 There’s a great sound to open, like a squeaky hinge and a really nice use of delay effect into the background. Great background drone, it’s quite unsettling and there’s a suggestion of a conversation in the background too.
Katarrhaktes – Somnambulism A great soundscape to open the song, an evolving drone in the background and really great recording of walking to a motorbike and starting it up and riding away. There’s a storm in there too, great cinematic qualities to the song, really good layering of evolving sounds.
Phirnis – Stillstand 2 Great drone with a kind of pulsing effect to open with, there’s really effective looping in the song too.
Phirnis – Animals Quite a harsh bleepy type of sound to open with, a driving rhythm is accompanied by a really effective chord progression. A great sound, like a church organ massively detuned.
Katarrhaktes – Sleepers Rising This has the same wind chimes as the opening song with a reversed sound too which gives a nice edge. An evolving drone creates a great tension and there’s some great impact and storm sounds too. A really good tension to the song.