Review of Space Strip channel effect VST by AudioThing

Space Strip is a multi-effect plugin featuring 6 modules – contour, vibe, slapback, ambience, ensemble and stereo. It is designed to give depth and space to your sounds whilst being light on CPU usage.
The modules can be arranged in any order with a simple drag and drop and each has their own on / off switch.
This is a 2 band EQ which has a high and a low control to boost high and/or low frequencies up to 12dB. It’s very useful for a quick EQ adjustment.
This is a stereo vibrato effect with controls for depth, rate and stereo spread. This produces a subtle to more pronounced tremelo effect.
This is a short echo module with controls for level (gain), delay (30ms to 300ms) and stereo spread with settings for mono, stereo or wide.
This is a short reverb effect with controls for level, size (tail duration) and damping. This can produce subtle to small room type reverb effects.
This is a multi-voices chorus effect with controls for amount, depth (volume of detuning voices) and stereo spread. Again it can produce from quite a subtle effect to more pronounced.
This is a stereo related module with controls for side level (gain for more stereo width) and mono bass (keeps low frequencies below this value mono).
There is also a master section with controls for gain and mix controls and a soft clip limiter which can be switched on or off via the menu.
The different modules within Space Strip in combination are capable of producing a wide range of sounds from subtle depth and stereo to tremelo to a suppressed reverb type of effect. Although it’s especially designed for synths / keyboards I found that it works equally well on drum loops adding qualities from depth and punch, a static flanger type of sound to a filtered type of effect.
Space strip is very useful for adding depth to tracks and could be useful when mixing due to the lightweight CPU usage. I also like the randomise option which can create some interesting and unexpected results.
I’ve created a simple looping two chord pattern with an analogue string sound. The first chord has no fx (i.e. Space Strip is bypassed) and then I’ve used each preset in turn on subsequent chords to show the sort of effects Space Strip can produce.

I’ve also created a more complex loop using samples from Samplephonics Future Pop sample pack intially with Space Strip on each component track in bypass mode i.e. no effects:

I’ve then enabled Space Strip on each track and then changed the settings using the randomise option for each track in sequence twice:

Hopefully you can hear the change in sound with the effect present, especially through the demo as the random presets are altered.
Space Strip is available for 55 Euros from Audiothing
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