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Review of 'Spectral Domain' by Dead Sea Apes on Cardinal Fuzz / Sunrise Ocean Bender

This is the third album by the Dead Sea Apes, a follow up to High Evolutionary. It’s another really solid release, a sound somewhere between blissed out psych, dub and distorted drone.  It’s brilliant, a great jam feel to it with excellent riffs, solos, distorted guitar sound effects and great use of delay at times propelled by solid drumming and bass playing.
It’s available with a visually striking sleeve and insert designed by Luke Insect on a purple and clear vinyl swirl.  Unfortunately Cardinal Fuzz (CFUL044) have sold out.  Sunrise Ocean Bender (SOB007) for US customers have some available from their website  and it’s also available from Dead Sea Apes Bandcamp page, the link to buy the album is embedded in the player above.
Universal Interrogator
Great atmospheric opening, drumming sounds great, a really natural sound. The repeating riff has a sense of foreboding especially with the distorted guitar. There’s some great background sounds too. It has an excellent jam type of feel with a real simmering, brooding quality at times slowly building to a gradual release.
True Believers
A slow evolving opening with great drumming and background sounds. Guitar riffing and distorted guitar build a great momentum. Great jam qualities again, excellent solos and feedback effects with a great release at the end of the song.
The Unclosing Eye
Another great evolving opening, drumming has a more urgent feel which contrasts really well against the riff. I really the guitar playing, great layering and excellent trem on the chords. Great evolution of the song.
Brought to Light
Great delayed effects to open, the song has a cinematic kind of feel.  Great riff with distorted guitar, the song has a great momentum.
The Sixth Side of the Pentagon
Great delayed sounds to open with a really good momentum from the bass, drumming then propels the song along. It’s a great soundscape, has dub qualities at times. Superb use of delay and brilliant sounds. I really like how the bass features prominently. There’s a great solo too.
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