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Review of ‘Takeover Me’ album by Akranes on Ramber Records

There’s an awesome sound to this album, it’s dreamy vocals and chilled vibes give a mesmerising and captivating sound. The arrangements are often minimal but expertly done to allow each element the space to grow and evolve.

Falling (feat. Oonie Stark)
A beautifully dreamy song with excellent vocals, a superb ambience from minimal synth and sparse drums, it’s somewhere between trip hop and future garage.

Takeover Me (feat. Sabira Jade)
Atmospheric opening from background synth / vocal effect, the vocals are spoken and beautiful again. The bass and percussive rhythms give a subtle momentum. An excellent chilled vibe.

Over (All Broken)
An emerging synth with 4:4 kick give an atmospheric opening, the riff gives a great contrast. The bass is deep and rolling and the song is propelled by an excellent percussive rhythm.

Lost Inside (feat. Oonie Staerck)
Another atmospheric opening from synth and arp, the song evolves with excellent percussive rhythms, deep bass and lovely vocals again.

Sleep Tonight (feat. Sabira Jade and Bryson)
There’s a jazz vibe to the opening chords, percussive rhythm builds slowly and the vocals are beautiful and processed superbly.

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