Review of The Antique Heart EP by Leaving Richmond

This is an excellent EP, you can tell its been meticulously crafted from the quality of sounds and their arrangement.

It has a great vibe, there are laid back and more uptempo grooves with nice changes of feel, great flow and excellent production. The guitar adds an excellent element.

Life on Other Planets
Emerging strings and subtle drone to open, there’s a subtle percussive rhythm and nice arp and synth lead. The drumming and bass give a solid momentum. The song has a laid back vibe with subtle movement between the different sounds.

The Antique Heart
A more uptempo feel from the drumming and delayed rhythmic elements. A synth lead is quite subtle and there’s some excellent layered background sounds. The guitar riff and strings add an excellent element.

The Electronic Afterlife
Subtle evolving strings to open leading into a drumming pattern, bass and synth lead. Nice change of feel when the guitar enters, I really like the changes in rhythm and more urgent feel at times.

Freezing Light
Sparse percussive rhythm and bass drone to open lead into a more uptempo drumming / percussive rhythm. Great use of delayed synth chords and background sound which kind of swells. There are great changes in feel, building a tension to a final resolve.

Waiting for Another Heartbeat
This song has kind of a drone opening with sparse percussion leading into a more defined rhythm propelled by drumming, bass and some excellent guitar riffs. The song creates a great contrast between an ambience of the guitar and more uptempo rhythm.

You Will Be Safe Here
A sparse processed kick pattern to open leads into a very atmospheric sound with pad, bass and a chime / bell riff. Great change of feel with the guitar riff, the song has a great momentum and a contemplative feel, especially when the strings enter.

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