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Review of 'The Balkan Dances' EP by Deadlights & Black Marine

This is a great EP, each song is an excellent soundscape with great synth sounds, background layering and excellent piano playing. There’s a jazz improvised feel to the piano at times which has a natural organic sound which contrasts really well with the digital synth and background sounds. There’s a subtle hint of glitch at times too.
A wonderfully ambient song, it has a darkish feel to open with swirling almost background sounds accompanied by piano and a choral type backing. The piano playing is an excellent improvisation. A glitched conversation sits in the background adding a great element of tension.
Great string sounds to open with piano and there’s a great tension provided by the contrasting drone like synth. The piano playing is excellent again too with a touch of dissonance at times which is a great element. There’s a really good building of tension, the song is an excellent soundscape.
Another great opening, effected vocals which are panned and sound like they’ve been subtly glitched lead to great piano playing again with a subtle swirling background sound. A great ambience again, really good layering with the background conversation having a real ethereal feel and there’s a really nice glitched rhythm in there too.
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