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Review of The Climatronica Collective Vol 1 compilation album on Pink Dolphin Music Ltd

The Climatronica Collective is a small group of musicians working in the field of electronic music to raise awareness and money for climate change charities.

This first album will see all artist royalties donated to Solar Aid, an international charity that combats poverty and climate change. They do this through a social enterprise called SunnyMoney, who travel to remote rural communities where they spend time educating people about the benefits of solar lights. They make clean light available where previously there was only unhealthy and expensive alternatives like kerosene lamps and candles. They help instil trust and create demand in a new and unfamiliar technology – which helps build the foundations for a sustainable solar market and a lasting energy legacy.

But this is an expensive and time consuming business. If it wasn’t, private companies would be piling in, ready to take advantage of the millions of people living without access to electricity. Their teams travel thousands of miles – spending days with local community members – sometimes only selling a handful of lights. Because that’s what it takes to help people leave the darkness behind.

I’m delighted to be a part of this compilation which includes artists from Australia, the UK and beyond, covering a wide range of electronic styles including synth-pop, chilled vibes, cinematic soundscapes, downtempo and ambient. The songs are excellently arranged and produced, often with great changes in feel and an edge of tension.

The album releases on the 29th April 2017 but is available for pre-order now, where you will be able to download and stream the first 7 tracks from the album instantly. The remaining 6 tracks will be available upon release on April 29th.

You can also listen ahead of release to a special show which will be hosted by Andrew Maley on Artefaktor Radio on Monday 24th April 2017 at 8pm UK time.

Lemonade Kid (feat. Nim Chimpsky) – Not Falling Out
There’s an upbeat synth-pop feel to this song with momentum from bass and drums with arps, squelchy synths and excellent vocals with some nice harmonies. There’s a great edge to this song too.

Rodney Cromwell – Cassiopeia (Cfrain remix)
The opening processed vocals lead into a synth lead propelled by bass and percussive rhythm. There’s a great contrast between uptempo and more ambient parts. A great flow to the song, a kind of build and release of tension.

Man With Glasses – Biting a Wet Sponge (All Star Motivator Remix)
I really like the layered opening with percussive hit sounds, driving kick rhythm and synth chords which also have a percussive feel to them. The synth lead and bass give a great change in feel to an upbeat synth-pop sound.

Simon Irvine – Natsu
There’s an excellent chilled vibe to this song, ambient pads contrast with more stab like piano chords, bass and smooth piano melody to create an excellent laid back groove with great use of layered background sounds. It has an ambience with a dub feel.

ds73 – After The Reign (feat Ems Loxley)
There’s an excellent hook to the opening melody which leads into the verse with great vocals. The bass has an edge of distortion which adds a great subtle tension. Some excellent synth sounds, a great momentum to the song.

Grids-Unit-Plains – Ocean Depths
An excellent ambience to the opening with an ethereal choral type sound and spoken vocal parts which sound like they are from a documentary. The percussive rhythm, synth lead and bass give a great contrast and momentum.

All Star Motivator – Be Strong
Processed drums to open lead into an arp and are given momentum by bass and layered background sounds. A synth adds a melody and there’s some really well processed vocals too.

Nathan Carlson – Ominous Portents
A very atmospheric opening with electric piano and background noise, like distant rain. The synth bass adds a great element. The percussion is sparse and works really well. The emerging strings build a tension to a cinematic soundscape with a nice change in feel with an emerging arp, uptempo drumming pattern and layered background sounds with a final release to the background rain sound.

Teslacoil321 – Silver Sea
The opening drumming pattern creates an excellent groove which is propelled by bass, lead synth and layered background sounds. The vocals are excellently layered and panned and have a laid back feel. The song has a brilliant vibe, it’s upbeat with a great groove but also has a quite chilled, hypnotic feel at the same time.

Andrulian – Poleward Shift
This is my entry so feel free to add your own comments…

Pas De La Dame Sauvage – Castles
A very atmospheric evolving soundscape with a great edge of tension, the sounds are layered to great effect. Percussion is sparse and adds a great element especially when contrasting with the more defined drumming pattern which gives a great momentum. The song has an excellent ebb and flow feel.

Foreign Technology – Tokyo
There’s an urgency to the opening with piano arp, bass and background sounds which has a great tension resolving to an synth sound which feels like it has the rhythm of a heartbeat. This leads to an excellent change in feel propelled by uptempo drums which are really well processed, bass, layered background sounds and excellent vocals. There are great changes of feel throughout the song which build and resolve tension excellently.

Random… – Skylarking
An excellent downtempo vibe to this song which has a great groove from processed drums. There’s great layering with a swirling synth pad, bass and processed looping vocals which have an ethereal, floating feel. The sequenced synth adds a great rhythmic element as well as a melodic one and there’s a subtle lead which also adds an excellent element having a middle eastern kind of feel.

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