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Review of ‘The Estuary’ by Loop Theory Collective

Loop Theory is a collective of musical talent based in the stunning location of Cornwall. It has been designed to let artists have creative freedom to push boundaries and remove limitations in musical production. They work to develop an artist’s sound in prestigious creative spaces, such as Sawmills Studio. They never rehearse, allowing very special moments to be recorded through improvisation.

Loop Theory Collective are Matthew Trout (Founder), Reuben Kramer (Producer), Dean Forrest (Co-Producer), William Harris (Drummer), Matthew Johns (Keys), Alex Black (Bass), Paul Haywood (Saxophone) and Nathen Fitzgerald (Trumpet & Flugelhorn).

This is a brilliant EP, a great smooth jazz sound with elements of funk and trip hop. The playing is excellent and the production is superb, allowing each instrument it’s own space to grow and develop. The subtle use of delayed background sounds adds an excellent element too. I was listening to this on a train journey across the Peak District. It made for perfect listening, engaging and absorbing.

The Estuary

There’s an excellent vibe to this song, a trip hop drumbeat with looping keys and very cool jazz infused trumpet and sax interspersed with some excellent background sounds.

Ebb and Flow
Another trip hop type of drumbeat with subtle keys riff, this song is an excellent jazz improvisation with trumpet, sax and keys arranged with individual lead lines and collectively at times too creating a superb laid back groove.

Wavy 2am Jam
There’s a call and effect feel to the opening of this song which builds gradually with an excellent soulful funky jazz vibe. There are some excellent squelchy synth sounds too and a brilliant late night jam feel.

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