Review of The Lumerians – Transmissions from Telos III on Cardinal Fuzz (CFUL027)

Transmissions from Telos III is available on vinyl and limited edition handmade CD from Cardinal Fuzz online shop
The Lumerians have a great sound, there’s echos of some of the great 60s psych bands but also a modern edge with really great guitar tones. The drumming is excellent and provides a solid backbone for the improvised parts and there’s great sounds effects and use of delay. A highly recommended release.
Murder Dubbs There is a great opening riff to the song with tight drumming propelling it along. Really nice tremelo wah guitar and background effects. Tension builds gradually and creates a great edge and the lead organ gives way to a great lead synth sound. The song has brilliant jam qualities with really well improvised parts against the solid rhythm.
Turiya Has more of an edgy feel to the opening, a sparse but very natural organic type of rhythm and sustained, distorted feedback guitar sound. The rhythm gives way to some great drumming with a real nice improvised guitar sound and creates a great laid back groove. A second improvised guitar creates a great contrasting sound having a much less distorted tone and nice use of delay.
Hook for an Eye Opens with a great sound effect, like the buzzing of a broken switchbox. This is followed by a great riff and really tight drumming and great bass playing. This forms the basis of a great jam while delayed sound effects swirl and move around this solid beat. The jam fades towards the end of the song leaving just the effects to round out the song.
Impossible Window / Cabellero Futuro A great riff against a drone, develops with a subtle bass and great drums with a laid back feel establishing a more defined groove with a great lead synth sound. Really nice use of sound effects, a great psych vibe to the song. About half way through there’s a kind of refrain from which emerges a riff with a kind of urgency which works really well against the more laid back groove. Really nice use of delay effect. A more defined rhythm develops with bass and a riff which builds tension gradually. A subtle pad type sounds gives the song a great atmosphere and the song releases the tension to round out the album.