Review of The Myrrors – Solar Collector on Cardinal Fuzz (CFUL036)

The Myrrors
Solar Collector was originally released on Sky Lantern Records and Cardinal Fuzz are releasing this 350 limited press which comes in a hand printed sleeve. It is available from Cardinal Fuzz online shop
The Myrrors are one of those bands that just have a great togetherness which shines through in their really tight sound which has a well knitted rhythm section, great guitar playing, great tone and great solos. The songs on this release are excellent, really captivating and at times almost meditative. They completely hold your attention, so much so that you lose all sense of time when listening.
Solar Collector has a great laid back rhythm with some really nice lead guitar which has a great tone and just a hint of wah-wah. There are nice changes in tempo which gives the song an urgency. Tension builds really well, being released at the end of the song.
Escape Attempt this song has a similar sort of feel but a slower tempo. It’s a brilliant example of what a jam should be – tight drums and bass, a solo that flows and contrasts against an effective drone. There is great use of wah-wah, tension builds slowly if the final part of the song before being released. The song is 11 and a half minutes long, I had to double check because it seemed to be much shorter which is clearly the sign of a great psych band.
Ascension has a slightly different feel, opening with an organ against a drone and cymbals. It has a very chilled vibe throughout with great tone on the lead lines.
Whirling Mountain Blues This song has more of a defined groove, brilliant distorted lead lines against a solid rhythm. There is great solo playing. This song is 14 minutes long but again is such a brilliant jam you lose track of time as you’re listening.

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