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Review of These Days EP by LDCN

This EP is only available when you donate £3 or more for the ‘Until the End’ album which I’ve previously reviewed here.
It’s a great idea to make an EP available this way, the album is excellent and so is this EP, it’s a great complimentary release and both are excellent value.
The EP creates a great soundscape, there’s excellent ambience often with a really good edge of tension. The sounds are well crafted and excellently layered. The percussive rhythms are a great example of this, fairly sparse but give a good momentum whilst still allowing plenty of space for other elements which is a difficult thing to do but LDCN achieves this effortlessly. There’s a touch of the cinematic about this release at times too and what I also really like is the way that you can interpret the songs in many different ways.
Winter Nights
This song has great drone and reverse sounds to open, there’s a great soundscape and a nice edge of tension too.
Internal Thoughts
Builds on this theme evolving a bass and percussive rhythm which is layered really well with a great sense of space. There’s some great sounds effects too. The recorded clip has great use of delay, like a thought buzzing round your mind. Great evolution of the song, building slowly and effectively. I really like the way you can draw your own conclusions as to what this song is about.
I really like the use of recorded sounds against the piano and background sounds, this creates a great ambience especially with the natural organic sounding piano against the more metallic elements of the percussive rhythm. It has an improvised / jazz feel at times and is another great soundscape.
This song has a great evolving opening, the string type sound and processed vocals give a great ambience and the percussive rhythm gives a really good contrasting momentum. There’s a great ebb and flow type feel to the song.
These Days
Great sound effects and rhythm to open, the song has a breakbeat / glitchy feel to it, it’s a great contrast between the ambience of the really good looping elements and the edgy, glitchy feel.
Another great evolving opening, the vocals sit slightly in the background having a distant feel. Great background / drone sounds and the reverse sounds add a great element. The song tells a story really well, the percussive rhythm gives a good momentum and really adds to the feel of the track which has a cinematic feel at times.
Twisted (Bonus Track)
Another great opening, the song has a real brooding quality with the use of really well layered gnarly pitched and delayed string sounds and the reversed sounds add a great element. The song has a great evolving ambience, building tension slowly and really effectively with a great slow release too.

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