Review of ‘These Small Things Rebuild’ album by Ghost Signs

This is an excellent album, there’s a superb ambience from drones, guitar riffs and strings. The songs are excellently arranged, often with contrasting elements and an edge of tension. There’s great use of tape loops and subtle use of spoken vocals.

Black and White Dreams of a Distant Faded Past
A slow evolving opening with drone and rattling wind chime type of sound, there’s a barely audible voice in the background which adds a great element. A subtle movement in the sound, an excellent ambience.

Angelflicker Dying on the Cold Cathode Ray
Guitar riff sits low in the background with a similarly subtle drone a bit like a buzzing insect. The strings similarly emerge subdued and there’s a background looping recording. Bass drone slowly evolves to give a pulsing type of effect. It’s a captivating sound, kind of draws you in as the different themes and elements emerge and grow.

This Town was Built on Landfill and Salt
Evolving drone with subtle bass and almost reversed harsh string sound, there’s a ringing bell that adds contrast and a movement in the sound like a looping quality. The emerging guitar lead adds an excellent element. Another excellent evolving soundscape, the feedback and noise to end builds a great tension.

What Comes After the Bomb?
Slow evolving opening with subdued strings which ebb and flow with a distorted, subdued feel. Emerging vocals have a distant feel building tension to a release.

Hazy Recollections of Another Miami Morning Coming Down
Another brilliantly evolving soundscape, the piano has a pulsing looping quality with a bass drone. A melody emerges and the spoken words have a distant, ethereal feel. Distorted guitar adds a great element. Tension builds slowly to a final release.

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