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Review of Transparent by Eden Grey on Triplicate Records

This EP weighs in at a smidge over 17 minutes long and it’s totally captivating from start to finish.  From the mesmerising ambience of the opener, the brooding Admiring Rocks, rave quality of Leaf Circles to the edgy groove of No Problem, each song is brilliantly crafted with superb sounds and brilliant layering. It’s a deep and immersive listen.

Fall Complete

This song has a superb ambience, a laid back drum pattern creates a solid backbone on which mesmerising synth riff and background, percussive, glitchy and pad sounds are layered. I really like the release to a glitchy vibe before building the ambience again.

Admiring Rocks

A brooding opening to this song from bass, edgy percussion and swirling vocal type sounds. Vocals add a superb element.

Leaf Circles

I love the old school rave type of vibe, it’s a laid back groove slowly building with great movement. 

No Problem

Atmospheric opening from bass, synth and percussion. It’s. a subtle groove with a great edge.
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