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Review of Visions sample pack by Mode Audio


Mode Audio have introduced Visions – ambient techno loops.  Blending rich, rustling textures, noise layers and deep Ambient soundbeds with pounding Techno beats, quaking basslines and glitteringly melodic synth riffs, this 532MB collection of royalty-free loops and samples delivers the hypnotism and haze of the dancefloor direct to your DAW.

Visions is a 532Mb download comprising of 270 files in WAV, Rex 2 and Reason Refill versions, typically priced at £18 from Mode Audio.

Visions - pack details

The WAV version contains 3 folders – Visions Loops, Visions SFX samples and MIDI.

Visions Loops contains 5 sub-folders; 

Ambiences – There are 30 ambient loops, typically lush, string type sounds with a subtle movement and edge of saturation.  They have a cinematic quality and I really like how they will equally sit in the mix subtly in the background or more prominently.

basses – There are 30 bass loops containing a range of synth basses including simple, wobble, gnarly, glitchy and arps.

Drums and percussion – These are the 30 full drum loops split into kick and percussion loops.  Kick loops comprise of a wide range of rhythms and sounds from deep and subby to cleaner.  Percussion loops are typically hats, shakers, impact sounds with a range of interesting rhythms. 

drums (full beats) – The 30 full loops contain a range of interesting and great sounding beats, it’s really good to see such a range of creative beats that add interest to your sound.

synths – The 20 synth loops are synth leads with an edge of saturation and good variety of sounds.  There are some that cross-over into different styles like synthwave which is a really nice touch, they add that extra dimension into your productions. 

textures – The 30 texture loops compliment the ambiences really well.  There’s a range of drone, noise, synth and effects that add a great element to the pack. 

Visions SFX contains 20 fx loops comprising of risers, sweeps and impacts that are great for transitions or can equally be subtly layered. 

MIDI contains 50 midi loops which are always a welcome addition to a sample pack.  These are 4 bar synth and bass patterns that you can easily use your own sounds with or edit as required.


This is another excellent sample pack from Mode Audio.  I really like how much thought has gone into producing the pack resulting in an ambient techno sound but with lots of interest, variety and some ‘outside the box’ sounds that help you put your own stamp on the ambient techno sound.

I’ve used the pack to create the olvido EP embedded at the top of the post.  It’s ambient techno at heart but also has abstract and minimal vibes.  I’ve used Shaperbox 2 quite a lot to add movement and a bit of glitch; numerous delays – H949 Dual and H3000 Factory (Eventide), Reels and Outer Space (Audiothing), Incipit (Inear Display) and Objekt Delay (AAS) as well as SP2016 reverb (Eventide).

Mastered using Saturn 2, Pro-Q 3 and Pro-L 2 (Fabfilter). Arranged and produced in MuLab 8.

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