Review of 'Voices' Single by Lights that Change on Ear to Ear Records

Lights That Change is an alternative dreampop ethereal wave outfit, hailing from North Wales and headed by Marc Joy. After many years producing and engineering other artists, he turned his attention towards his own solo and collaborative creative endeavours. Thus was born Lights That Change, aimed at getting back to why he began a musical career in the first place and channeling his energies into creating the perfect dreamscape sonic horizon, primarily based on guitars.
Over the past year, Lights That Change have undergone a reformation, with Mandy Clare on vocals, John Bryan on bass and Marc Joy on guitars. They are now gearing up to release their debut LP ‘Byzantium’, which will be ready for release this summer and includes guest vocals by Rebecca Palin (Golden Fable) and drums by Mal Holmes (Orchestral Manoeuvers In The Dark).
Voices was released on Ear to Ear Records on 11th May and a video has also been created by British filmographer Jason Sheppard which is embedded below.

This is a stunning and really captivating song. It’s mesmeric, hypnotic, beautiful and haunting too. It’s been on repeat so many times I’ve worn the mp3 out, figuratively speaking any way.
The song opens superbly with a great jangly riff and harmonies, the bass adds a hint of tension and drumming enters to give a great momentum. In fact the bass is excellent throughout the song, I really like the way it sits more prominently in the mix, it’s a really important part of the sound. The guitar riff has a lilting feel at times, adding a really nice edge of tension against the other elements and a great interplay with the bass. The vocals are sublimely beautiful with superb harmonies, processed perfectly for the style of the song.
I absolutely cannot wait for the release of Byzantium!
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