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Review of Welcome to Beet Knife! A Compilation Album

A brilliant introduction to Beet Knife, a varied collection of songs highlighting the talent of this new label.

From upfront and intense to acoustic, ambient and shoegaze these six songs are excellently crafted creating a range of vibes – edgy, laid back, mesmeric, haunting – and I’m really looking forward to future releases. 

Suck City – Talk

Intense sound from drumming, bass, guitar chords and riff, tension builds through the song with vocals adding a great edge. 

First Responders – The Ballad the Sugar Mama

A western / surf guitar feel to this song, an epic tale with an edgy vibe with great changes in feel, like chapters of a story. Don’t mess with the sugar mama! 

Mosquito Boy – Inside the Moon

Atmospheric, ambient sound from a field recording of insects and twinkly riff, great change of feel to a jazzy / lofi hip hop groove. 

Common Law – Missoula

Slow guitar riff, huge sounding guitar chords from delay / reverb and beautiful vocals create a slow groove with a haunting feel. 

Moss Jaw – Shy Skin

A shoegaze feel with drumming, bass and reverb soaked guitar chords, vocals are floaty and dreamy, great contrast and edge with the distorted sound. 

Soft Shell – Thorn

Slow strummed chords and subdued vocals, harmonics lead into a more defined rhythm. A superb arrangement.