Review of 'Where I've Been is Places and What I've Seen is Things' album by Evening Fires on Sunrise Ocean Bender

This is a brilliant album which has a superb jam quality to it covering slow burning grooves, space rock and a bit of what lies between. There are some excellent jams, improvisations and the grooves evolve with brilliant exploration of different themes.
Unsurprisingly it’s been very popular, so the first thing I have to do is apologise for taking so long to publish the review because at the time of writing, there are only 8 gold vinyl copies left (although there are black vinyl versions too and also a digital copy) available from Sunrise Ocean Bender’s Bandcamp page. Cardinal Fuzz also carry a few copies but they have only got 4, yes 4, black vinyl copies left so you better move quick. They are available from Cardinal Fuzz website.
Roll Away The Stones
A brilliant slow evolving groove with great background sounds effects, a banjo and excellently layered guitar are joined by great drumming and bass as momentum gradually builds. The song has a great chilled groove with an excellent build and release of tension.
We Cast Our Lots With The Waves
To put it simply, this one is brilliantly trippy. It has a slow accordian groove with some excellent background sounds and a ‘space’ sounding arpeggio too. The song has a great groove, there’s a really good evolution of the sound.
Staring Down The Gullet of the Great Beyond Part I
This song has a more uptempo groove to open with which is provided by solid drumming and bass. It has excellent layered lead playing, it is a great improvisation with mesmeric qualities.
Space Mountain
There are great delayed feedback type sounds to open, this is accompanied by free-form drumming and bass and there’s some great delayed guitar too. Another evolving groove with an excellent jam feel to it there’s some great improvisation and exploration of different themes.
Too Many Ravens Not Enough Corpses
This song has a great guitar riff and bass to open, strings add a haunting quality against the background sound effects. A slow evolving groove with a great tension throughout.
Staring Down the Gullet of the Great Beyond Part II
This song has an uptempo feel to the opening, great drumming and bass again with sparse guitar, tempo slows to a great groove with excellent delayed guitar and background sound effects. Another mesmeric song, brilliant exploration of the theme with a great release to round off the song and album.
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