Review of Wrap Your Bones album by Arcelia


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This is a stunningly beautiful album. The songs have a simple elegance from great layering of sounds. The vocals are outstanding and a lot of the songs have a beauty edged with sadness, telling tales of loss, regret and unrequited love. There’s almost a male / female perspective on the situation too with some of the songs which is a really nice touch.
Wrap Your Bones is available to stream from bandcamp (embedded above) or is available to buy as a download from iTunes, Amazon and a CD is available direct from Arcelia’s website
45 Seconds Lovely acoustic riff and vocal harmonies to open with just a hint of country. The song has great piano playing and string bass, vocals are solid with a nice edge. The banjo is a really nice touch too. The arrangement is simple and by that I mean it’s not over-complicated but has great production.
The Long Man I featured the video on a blog post a while ago and have embedded it above. This song has another great riff and vocal harmonies to open with. The vocals are excellent and there is brilliant production to the song again. There is a sad edge to the song but also a hint of hope too.
Petal This song opens with a simple shaker rhythm, lovely acoustic riff and subtle bass. The vocals are excellent again, the song has great harmonies. Banjo suits the song really well and there are nice changes in feel through the song with a hint of jazz at times which works really well.
Cupid Great vibe to the opening of the song, a chunky chord based riff with subtle bass and really nice percussive rhythm. The vocals again are excellent, great harmonies and excellent arrangement again.
Busking Birds This song has a simple acoustic riff and great vocals. The song has a real edge of sadness, a longing but also hope for returning home.
She’s Not Lost Again a great acoustic riff to open, really nice piano too. The vocals are excellent, great harmonies. This is another song tinged with sadness but also hope for a new start.
Another Song This song has a more uptempo feel, a great chord based riff which has a great groove with nice changes in feel. The song is about trying to find closure following the end of a relationship but not being able to move on.
Blossom Another beautiful song with acoustic guitar and vocals to open with, evolving a slightly more uptempo feel. There’s a great edge of sadness to the song.
This Time Great harmonies, acoustic chords and string bass to open with. The song has great vocals again telling another great story. The song has a feeling of hope for a new start.
Save Your Soul Lovely harmonies to open with an acoustic riff. The song has a great percussive rhythm and subtle string bass. It is a song of unrequited love, almost could be the female perspective response to the previous song and has beauty with an edge of sadness again.
Lovely Bones Another great riff and solid vocals with a great lead line in places. Great arrangement to the song again. The song has hope of a new start but is there a realisation that it may be too late?
Heaven This song has a great uptempo riff, piano and lead guitar. It has the feeling of a relationship breaking down and you’re not really sure why. There are great lead guitar parts and backing piano.
Broken Solo vocals with a very subtle acoustic riff as the song evolves, establishing a nice groove. The song has great changes in feel and there’s a real nice edge of frustration / anger at times too.

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