kalipheno is a sci-fi themed sample pack created using a variety of sounds I have created from sources including percussive impact sounds, electronic toys and field recorded sounds. These have been mangled, glitched and processed in various ways in Sensomusic Usine Hollyhock II using Incipit by Inear Display; Subvert, Convex and Cryogen by Glitchmachines; Fog Convolver by Audio Thing and various delays and reverbs. The effects have been used in various configurations and routings.

The pack contains 296 samples comprising of atmospheres, textures, glitches, robotic artefacts and impacts which give the sound of a dystopian future.

XSL is a sample pack created by Thalamus Lab.  It was released back in 2015 and contains recordings from sound installations, underwater recordings with a custom made hydrophone, the new instrument Arpasauro inspired by harp and organ, field-recordings of wild insects, frogs, rain, thunderstorms, sea waves, planes, machines, an experimental band improvising in a cave 700 meter deep, samples of ceramics, stones, household percussion, vinyl crackle, a clavichord, a violin, a japanese choir, a vocal of a poem, analog synthesizers, drones, pads, sci-fi soundscapes.  A total of 324 audio files organized in 30 sound packs.

I rediscovered this recently and used it on my  ‘tales from a weekend city’  release.  The original site has disappeared so I have decided to host it because it’s an excellent free sample pack and hopefully you will enjoy using it.  

It is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0


Background and Ambience Vol. 1 comprises of recently discovered field recordings on an old phone.

I’ve cleaned them up a bit and presented them as they were recorded, you may need to edit fade in / out as required.  They’re not always brilliant quality as you’d expect but they’re very usable as they are or would suit your favourite samplers and/or glitch effects. 

A total of 50 audio files recorded primarily in woods, parks, trains and train stations.

I’ve licensed the pack under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0


g|tch is a collection of percussive hits, rhythmic grooves, atmospheres and robotic sounds that have been thoughtfully designed, produced, and processed provide a glitch aesthetic for that extra element to your music productions.

g|tch contains 113 sounds – 36 rhythmic glitches, 60 glitch percussive hits, 11 glitch atmospheres and 6 robotik glitches.

I’ve licensed the pack under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0