You are currently viewing Universal Audio introduce Verve Analog Machines (VST/AU/AAX)

Universal Audio introduce Verve Analog Machines (VST/AU/AAX)


Verve Analog Machines gives creators 10 colorful Universal Audio-designed effects with settings that are super easy to dial in. From gluey tape warmth and hi-fi tube saturation to all-out distorted mayhem, it instantly levels up any mix with off-the-wall analog color.

Verve Analog Machines have an introductory price of $99 until 30th April 2024, rising to $199 thereafter.

System requirements are Windows 10 / 11 (64 bit only); macOS 10.15 Catalina, 11 Big Sur, 12 Monterey, 13 Ventura.  

Note that a free iLok account with iLok cloud is required for online activation, offline activation requires a physical iLok USB (2nd generation or higher). 


Verve Analog Machines can be used in any DAW on Mac or PC, no UA hardware is required.

There are 10 easy to use machines that add analog sound to your recordings, instantly making your mixes sound more expressive and alive with retro-futuristic sounds crafted by Universal Audio.

You get very quick tone shaping with simple controls, each machine has a drive and tone or warble control along with a gain setting that give gritty tape textures, tube warmth, distorted, warbly or fat sounds.

The ten machines and their descriptions are shown below

There are a number of presets available which show the type of sounds that are available, these include vintage, guitar, keys, drums and more, it’s easy to narrow down the available presets for the type of sound that you want.

What I really like about analog machines is the simplicity of use.  In many ways you don’t need presets, select the machine with the vibe you’re looking for and dial in the sound.  I’ve created the video below doing this, it’s a screen recording from Reaper showing these machines on a guitar loop, vocals and drum loop.  You can get a really good range of sounds from a subtle warmth to warble to overdrive and distortion.

Verve Analog Machines Essentials

Verve Analog Machines is also available in an Essentials version, with 4 colorful UA-designed effects, Verve Analog Machines
Essentials gives creators subtle tape warmth and hi-fi tube saturation to all-out distorted mayhem, adding energy to drums, guitars, vocals, synths, and more.

Each of the four machines has a single drive control and comprise sweeten, warm, thicken and vintagize shown above.

Verve Analog Machines Essentials is a great way to try them out, it’s free until 30th April 2024, rising to $99 thereafter.

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