What does the city of Hamburg sound like?

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Cities and Memory Hamburg graphic 1
You’ve probably never asked yourself that question but Cities and Memory embarked upon a very ambitious project – their most ambitious yet: #Hamburgsounds – to sound map the city of Hamburg. I haven’t paraphrased the process here because there are some excellent posts explaining the process and I would encourage you to check them out on their website.
However, it didn’t end there because Cities and Memory put out an open invitation for sound artists to remix or re-imagine the sounds and 32 sound artists from around the world have obliged, myself included.
The project launches at 12 noon GMT tomorrow, Monday 03rd November 2014 and one sound will be posted every half hour or every hour from 12 noon, with each sound given its own distinct blog post here running until 12 noon GMT on 04th November when the last sound will be published.
The posts will actually take people on a geographical journey around the city, making a feasible journey around different areas of the city at appropriate times of the day – for instance, all the boat trip sounds within the duration of a real boat trip, all the nightlife sounds during the night (GMT).
I’m delighted to have taken part in the project and am really looking forward to taking the journey around Hamburg when it starts tomorrow.
Unfortunately WordPress limitations won’t allow me to embed so I’ve had to just include links for the Soundmap and Playlist